What is bandwidth and how much do you need

If you are thinking of commencing a website, you should know what bandwidth is and why you should have greater bandwidth, then continue reading.


The bandwidth is the amount of data being displayed on a website when a person visits a website. The displayed items on the website appear according to the bandwidth. If it is is low, then it will take much more time to show the items.

Many web hosting providers give unlimited bandwidth, but some tend to give a bit lower bandwidth, and it also depends on the price of the package. The content of your websites includes blogs, videos, images, etc.

We provide unlimited bandwidth to the individuals who buy hosting from us, either it is a smaller package or the highest package. It would be best if you considered our hosting as we provide many benefits to our customers.

How much bandwidth is required?

The bandwidth depends on the quantity of content present on your website. If you have a large established website, you need higher bandwidth, but if you have a new website, then an average bandwidth amount can also do the trick.

Always consider the hosting providers that give unlimited bandwidth. It helps the website grow due to the speed at which the content is delivered to the audience, and it also affects the ranking factors.

To decide how much bandwidth your website needs, these three factors are considered:

  • Layout or Complexity of Website
  • Amount of Traffic
  • Growth Plans 

Benefits of Higher Bandwidth

The researched benefits of higher bandwidth are stated below:

1. Increased Data Transfer

If you have a higher bandwidth, then the data transfer will be rapid, and the user scrolling through your website will tend to like it due to the fast pace at which the pages shift and the content is delivered.

2. Enhances User Experience

It enhances the user experience as the data is delivered and shown very quickly, and the individual doesn’t have to wait for the next page to arrive. Even a second of delay can cause a person to bounce back.

3. Can handle a broad audience

The benefit of having an unlimited bandwidth is that it can handle multiple people at the same time without any delay in the content delivery of the other person.

4. Streams Videos faster

Higher bandwidth means the videos embedded in your website will load quickly, and the user will stay focused on the topic of the video rather than waiting for it to load after every two seconds.

5. Enhances Interactivity

If your hosting provider is giving unlimited bandwidth, you should be ready to see more people interacting with your website. When people see that the web is loading quicker and provides the best information and experience, they tend to interact with it more.

6. Google Ranking

Higher bandwidth enhances the user experience, but it also gives a great advantage to the user. Google is the biggest search engine that determines the ranking of websites, and one of the factors is Page Speed.

So if your website will load quickly due to higher bandwidth, it means you have a high chance of ranking in the top pages very quickly.

Final Thoughts

Whenever you are buying hosting, always consider unlimited bandwidth as it is the best option if you are determined to grow. You can check out our shared Web Hosting and Reseller Hosting packages as we provide unlimited bandwidth to our customers with many more special offers.

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