What is a Domain Name

If you are unfamiliar with this domain, then keep on reading this article. All your confusions will come to an end.

Here, we will discuss what a domain name is and what its elements are. So let’s get right into it.

What Is Domain Name?

The Domain name is the unique name thought and researched by the website owner that reflects the topic of his or her website.

e.g., Our Domain Name is unique-star.net. You can choose any name according to your liking and niche. It is typically written as www.example.com.

Now, let’s discuss the elements of this Domain name.


The Domain name is divided into two elements:

1. TLD – Top Level Domain

2. SLD – Second Level Domain

3. Third Level Domain

Top Level Domain

The Top Level Domain is the extension added after the actual name of the website.

e.g., In unique-star.net, the (.net) is the Top-level domain. There are many more top-level such as (.com,.pk,.uk,.co,etc)

The (.com) TLD is the highest of them all and is used when you target people worldwide. It is further divided into more types that you can read in This Article. 

Second Level Domain

The second level domain anme is the actual name of the domain that you have bought after specific thoughts.

This name should be kept unique and easy to read so that people memorize the name just by reading it once. e.g., In unique-star.net, unique-star is the Second level domain or the website’s name.

Third Level Domain

The third level domain is the sub-domain of the domain, where different categories or pages are hosted.

e.g., unique-star.net has a sub-domain named support.unique-star.net, where support is the Third-level domain.

You can host different parts of websites on different sun domain according to the need and liking.

Things to be Consider While Picking a Domain Name

When you are brainstorming to think of a domain name for your website, then you should consider the following things:

  • It should be unique
  • Easy to read and remember
  • It shouldn’t be lengthy
  • It should reflect the idea of the website.
  • You can also address the audience by using you or your

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