We are Encountering Threats from Hackers

cybersecurityWe would like to inform our highly esteem clients that we are currently facing several hacking attempts on our server. These hackers are from an anonymous group yet to be identified who are trying to compromise our database.

We’d also want to use this medium to plead to our esteem customers not to panic as we are doing everything within our power to put an end to this menace. And we are bent on delivering the best quality services to you our most valued customers

We are glad to announce that we have successfully created a firewall and brute force system that would prevent these hackers from accessing our database. None of our system is yet to be affected, so there’s no cause to fear.

Be assured that we are working very hard to have a full control of our database and to prevent this occurrence from happening in the future.

As it stands, none of our clients have been affected, and our support desk is always at your beck and calls in case you’re encountering any technical issues

Best Regards
Unique-star Management Team


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