UniqueStarhost Launches WordPress Partnership Program

w-wordpressUniqueStar is glad to announce the launching of an innovative program that is designed to support WordPress Plugin Designers.  This announcement was made to promote the discovery and the use of WordPress plugins.

The Uniquehost Partnership Program is exclusive, as it offers exclusive support, and provides developers significantly improved exposure through direct referrals.

This new partnership will give us the opportunity of promoting plugins made by developers to our customers through wp-admin integration.

Benefits of UniqueStar Partner Program

While we have addressed the main benefits of this Partner Program, we also consider it to address some of the key advantages for both plugin creators and customers:

Benefits for Developers:

  • Opportunities to get your work to a great number of WordPress users– This can be done through means of numerous strategies, most importantly through a specific segment inside the WordPress admin zone.
  • Plugin metrics for each of your products.
  • It is free for all plugin creators to participate.
  • Clear support and maintenance channel.
  • Priority support that will help in resolving hosting conflicts.
  • Clear Platform transparency.

Benefits for Customers:

  • A rundown of top notch Wp plugins
  • Access to high quality exclusive deals.
  • Great support for any form of plugin environment hosting conflicts.
  • Easy and quick plugin installs.
  • Be rest assured that plugins are maintained and supported

We at Uniquestar host are always at the look out to give you the best hosting services. As we have said, and will always say, customers’ satisfaction is our mission and vision

UniqueStar management team


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