UniqueStar Has Added a Strong Firewall Server That Blocks Hacker I.P

firewallYes, as you might have known, we are always dynamic in using the modern best practices of a great hosting company to give you high-quality services.

With this in mind, Uniquestar host takes the notion of customer service seriously. In an effort to increase out quality service and customer protection, we are adding a redundancy to our servers. This will add to our extensive backup services that have been in place with other partnership programs with prominent hosting companies in the industry.

We are using all necessary measures in place to ensure that we reduce every possibility of interruption to our services. Hence, we are using all servers firewall with hacker’s auto block I.P options, to ensure a smooth hosting service to you.

What does this new development mean? Firstly, you can take great comfort that your data is continually mirrored in case of any disaster springs up anytime.

Secondly, all hackers I.P are automatically blocked, giving them no access to compromise our database.

Lastly, it means we are vigorously striving to offer the very best experience possible to our valued clients.

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact us or you can simply leave a comment below. We will surely respond back to you with immediate effect.

Thank for choosing Uniquestar hosting company.



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