Top Five Shared Web Hosting Provider

Introduction of Web Hosting

A web hosting service is an essential internet hosting facility that accommodates individuals and large enterprises so that their websites are accessible to worldwide users via word comprehensive website.

Evolution of the Web Hosting Industry

A few years ago, there were only very few webs hosting companies targeting the whole internet community. At that time, these companies monopolized, charging high prices for very low-level services. At that time, users had no other options rather than to deal with these big fishes. In 2020, the scenario changed; web hosting service becomes a web hosting industry. Many players are involved now. Knowledge and ease of access have helped many entrepreneurs to start web hosting startups. Even some of them are offering such a great deal that was never possible before.

Need to go Online and Web Hosting Industry

To know more about this web hosting industry, one must have all the information about the basics of Webhosting schematics. There is a lot of business going on around the globe, and there is no doubt most of them are very conscious about the presence of their business online. Being online helps them to attract customers from all over the world. Like old times, they are not limited to a specific region or territory. Webhosting is the key they needed to make an online presence. The need to go online creates an opportunity for many entrepreneurs to enter this web hosting industry.

A good web hosting company helps you in many ways to make your business successful. Similarly, a bad web hosting company can be a cause of business failure. Below, I will discuss some of the merits of having a good web hosting company for your business. There are also some demerits of choosing a cheap and unreliable web hosting company.

Top 5 Shared Web Hosting Providers

1)- GoDaddy: GoDaddy is one of the first web hosting providers. They have a large market share; their packages are quite competitive now. Before few years they were expensive.

2)- Bluehost:  Bluehost is one of the pioneers of web hosting companies. They provide all types of web hosting solutions. They also have many big players in their portfolio.

3)- HostGator: If we talk specifically about web hosting only, HostGator is among the first few companies started many years back. Their prices were v high, but now they are also very competitive in pricing.

4)- UniqueStar Host: UniqueStar Host is relatively new in the market. But I have mentioned them because of their super-speed web hosting solutions. Their packages are very competitive as compare to other hosting providers.

5)- Siteground: Siteground Hosting service comes in the top 5 because of their top-notch customer service. They are also one of the few turns with a large market share.

Merits of Good Web Hosting Company

1) Highly Reliable and Provide 99% Uptime. It means your website will be available online 24/7. Your customers can access it from any part of the word and at any time

2) High Bandwidth. It means that if you choose a good web hosting company, you will never have to face low page load problems. It doesn’t matter how many users you have online on your website. The company will serve you in the best way they can

3) Clear Pricing Policy. A reliable web hosting service will never play tricks in prices. They will charge for what they will serve and no hidden charges. If there is any price change, they will inform you before your service renewal.

4) Customer support is very important in every business deal. A good web hosting company will always provide 24/7 supports to its customers.

Demerits of Unreliable Web Hosting Company

1) High server maintenance time. Your website will be down most of the time, which is bad for business.

2) Tricky Bandwidth. They will offer you unlimited bandwidth, but when your user traffic increases, your website load time will increase, and sometimes it will not even open

3) Poor customer support will be provided. As they will take too much time to solve your issues.

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