Shared v/s Dedicated Hosting

There are many web hosting services. In this article, we’ll talk about two web hosting firms that are opposite to each other. One in shared, and the other one has dedicated web hosting. 

In both cases, data stored on a single server. A server is responsible for providing the data to a web user. The main difference between these two forms of web hosting is the server type. 

In dedicated web hosting, a website owns a server to itself only. While in shared hosting, the website shares a server with multiple users. 

Shared Hosting

A single server hosts multiple web sites. It is like public transport; passengers have to share the same vehicle to reach their destination. 

Advantages of shared web hosting

  • Low cost 
  • Low technical expertise is needed 
  • Less burden of server cost on a single customer 
  • Availability of option to upgrade to get more traffic and more resources 
  • It is a beginning step when launching a web site 
  • Control panel is available 
  • Built-in installed programs 
  • Server maintenance 
  • Time to time updates 
  • Disadvantages 
  • Security threat 
  • Only for web sites expecting a low traffic 
  • Common sharing of processing power, storage, and space on a server 
  • Who should adopt a shared hosting plan? 
  • Personal projects 
  • Small businesses 

Changing a hosting web service from one to another is an easy process, without affecting efficiency. 

Dedicated Hosting

A server used by one user or website only. More efficient website performance. It is like driving a personal car. Only you have control over resources. However, it is costly, and it demands more skills. 

Advantages of dedicated server
  • Customizable 
  • Control over server 
  • You have the whole disk space, processing power, and memory. 
  • Less prone to cyber attack 
  • Optimization of server’s settings 
  • Disadvantages 
  • Expensive 
  • An expert person required 
  • Maintenance needs more effort 
  • Cost ranges from $65 to $400+ per month 
  • Advanced technical knowledge required 
It is suitable for
  • Businesses with broad bandwidth requirements and highly specialized needs 
  • Larger companies 
  • Some brief comparisons 
  • Flexibility & Customization 
  • Shared hosting is not customizable until and unless all the websites on the server require the change. 
  • Dedicated hosting is an entirely customizable plan.

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