Reseller Hosting

There is a lot of benefits to the web hosting business. All you need to have little knowledge about it and some investment to start. If you are running low on investment and still wanted to create a web hosting business, you can even do it by purchasing a reseller hosting plan. Reseller hosting is a hosting plan where you can start a web hosting business without taking care of hardware or network resources. All you have to do is just set up their packages and allot them to your customers.

Difference between shared and reseller hosting plan

There is much difference between a shared hosting plan and a reseller hosting plan. A shared hosting plan designed for single-user where a reseller hosting plan is designed for many user groups. In shared hosting, a specific package plan is there, whereas, in a reseller hosting plan, you can create many different plans for different customers based upon their needs. A reseller plan is just like a small hosting company itself.

Making Money in Reseller Hosting

You can make good money in a reseller hosting plan. Let’s suppose you get a reseller hosting plan for 50$ per month, which allows you to host 50 customers. If you are charging 5$ per customer per month, you can earn 250$ per month as a simple profit. And by paying you an expense of 50$, your total net profit becomes 200$. 

Top 5 Resellers Hosting Providers

1) GoDaddy: GoDaddy is one of the first Reseller hosting providers. Their reviews are excellent. They have millions of satisfied customers. Besides, you can found their discount promo codes on the Internet as well.

2) Bluehost:  Bluehost also provides Reseller hosting packages. You can customize them as per your requirement. They also have a delighted customer base. Their prices are somehow high as compare to their counterparts.

3) HostGator: Hostgator is the first company that started to offer Reseller hosting packages. They are entirely dedicated to their hosting services. They are also offering many other types of hosting as well. Their customer support is speedy and responsive.

4) UniqueStar Host: They are new in the market, but their reseller hosting packages are the most affordable and reliable. They offer very reliable prices, and they have the fastest support time in the industry. They have new servers based on the latest technology. I will vouch for them if you are low on budget and you want quality service.

5) Siteground: Another big name in reseller hosting is Siteground. They are the famous hosting providers. They also have an awe-inspiring market portfolio. Furthermore, their pricing is also very competitive 

Benefits of Reseller Hosting

1) No worries about Hardware and Software resources. Your web hosting company will manage it all

2) 1-Click is needed to start a web hosting business if you plan to do it without any difficulty.

3) No headache of Customer Support, the parent hosting company will manage all the customer support. Your customers need to open support tickets only.

4) No Heavy investment is needed. Buy a Reseller hosting package and become an entrepreneur in one day.

How do I start Reseller Webhosting Business?

There is no difficulty in starting a Reseller hosting business. All you have to is visit some good reseller hosting providers and check their packages. Make sure to read reviews about them. Check their pricing policy, customer support, and most essential features in the Reseller hosting plans. Try to go with a company which is providing a money-back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction.

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