Importance of Web Hosting For An Online Business

importance of web hosting

Web Hosting provides webspace (Disk Space, Bandwidth, RAM, Uptime) to your website and keeps all the hosted site’s web pages on its server. The main purpose of web hosting is to give easy access to your website over the web. If you plan to create a business or personal website, then web hosting is the most important factor.

Is web hosting still a profitable business?

Modern web hosting must have a guarantee of 99.9% network uptime, fast servers (or your client’s websites will load slowly and go to another host), and support that will act quickly upon problems reported.

Having that in mind, you need a very good hardware infrastructure setup. The ideal location is very close to main regional internet hubs (direct optical link with the local internet provider, nothing less). All that will cost significantly more than the basic home internet connection because you will need a much larger upload speed for serving websites.

Your servers must be running 24/7, so you can not use your home computer to do it, though you need to set up a real server with mirrored backup drives (solid-state drives are recommended as the good option).

Having all that in your mind, money that needs to be invested in something you can expect to be returned over a long period since web hosting prices are lower nowadays. Some form of marketing has to be used, and you can use some free of cost methods to promote your business website online and do paid targeted advertising.

Considering all the aspects, if you can invest, work hard to keep the service going, and use the extra time to promote your business, there is a chance to be profitable.

Does it matter where my website is hosted?

Yes, it does. This can affect user experience, SEO, and security.

As we mentioned in our last article, website hosting transfers your website file to the hosting server. You have a choice of different hosting environments. Shared, VPS, dedicated, and cloud were the last things we discussed. If you missed this article, click here (insert link) to better understand these environments.

Now that you understand why you need a hosting company and what kind of hosting is available let’s talk about how the wrong hosting environment can negatively affect your website’s performance and online presence. ۔

Building your website on the wrong host is like building your home on unstable soil. Things look good at first, but eventually, cracks appear.

In terms of the website, these cracks cannot implement new content or capabilities on your site from time to time due to technical glitches.

Not every website host in the market is created equal.

Site load speed
It can affect your SEO if it does not allow your pages to load faster. It usually happens if you are on a shared hosting plan that does not manage your server load properly or at all. You will not get maximum load time. And slow load time is bad for your SEO and user experience.

How quickly your site loads on visitors’ impressions and the level at which Google ranks your site in search results.

Secure Host Provider
The one you host with can cause security issues. And since site security is a ranking factor for Google’s search algorithm, insecure web hosting can be detrimental to your site’s SEO.

You can do many things to prevent hackers, but a good host can make your site easier to secure. In Pro Web Marketing, we completely separate accounts from each other to prevent malware from spreading to other websites on the server. We have 24/7 surveillance to prevent an attack from happening, and we run regular malware scans on all of our servers.

It’s just a break from what you want to get hacked by Dodge.

Timely and reliable
Hosting your website requires sufficient bandwidth for both page load speeds and server uptime.

If you run a small business, you may be tempted to get the cheapest hosting option, which is usually a shared hosting plan at one of the larger companies. But if you have a responsive site or a site with many images (like a project gallery), you will need more bandwidth, and this option will have bad results.

Large shared hosting providers load one server and start loading the other. They do not put good sites on any advanced server and proletariat on anyone else. They load a server and start filling it with other websites on that server without thinking about your negative influence.
More about matter

Hosting a website on my personal computer

Yes, you can, But before you do that, there are some limitations that you need to keep in mind:

  1. You need to know the setup of WWW server software on your computer. It is software that allows Internet users to access web files on your computer.
  2. Your Internet Service Provider supports websites that run on your home computer. You will need to check your bandwidth quota.
  3. Your computer has to run all the time. Your website will not be available whenever you turn it off or on again.
  4. Your website will load slowly because no home internet connection has been created to serve the homepage.

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