How to determine how many people visited my website?

It would be great to keep a close eye on your audience and their behavior to see how they interact with the website. It helps in increasing conversions and many more things. 

How to determine the traffic

You can determine the amount of traffic your website uses a few third-party tools that tell each and everything about the audience interacting with your website.

Here are a few tools or plugins that you can use to know how many people visit your website every day.

1. Google Analytics

It is an online tool that you can connect with your website, and it will show you each and everything about the audience, including their behavior, pages visited, and many more. You can also see the live audience that is interacting with your website at that particular time.

2. Google Search Console

It is an online tool that tells you the number of clicks your website got, but it has a few different metrics. It shows the clicks and impressions the website got and the keywords for which the website came in the search results.

It also shows you the pages and the issues they might be facing and helps solve it for a better user experience, but all in all, it doesn’t tell the total users but will tell you the number of clicks your website got.

3. Jetpack

It is a WordPress plugin that offers many different tasks. It is an all in one plugin and can determine and track the people coming and interacting with your website very efficiently.

4. Sitekit

It is also an all-in-one plugin with analytics and search console and also tells your page speed. You can install it to track your audience and keep an eye on Serps and page speed.

Benefits of tracking the web audience

Here are the following benefits you can have if you track your web audience through different analytics tools.

1. Organic Traffic

If you use a web analytics tool, you can determine your website’s traffic through the search results and social media.

2. Region of visitors

If you keep track of your visitors, you will know where you are getting the most traffic and then try to target that region if there are any potential customers.

3. Bounce rate

The analytics tool tells you the total bounce rate your website is having due to any issue. You can know from where the person bounced back and enhance the user experience, so they don’t bounce back the next time anyone comes there,

4. What the customs are looking for

When you track your audience, you will also see the top pages from which most people are converting. You can then optimize that page or add additional information or pages around it to increase your conversion rates.

5. Better web optimization

When you know how the audience is interacting with your website, you can optimize it according to their needs. If anyone comes with the same intent as the people before, you can give them a better user experience.

So here’s how you can track your web audience and what are the benefits of doing so. I hope you will be satisfied and implement the analytics and closely optimize your website.

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