Cheap Web Hosting

There is an old saying that “you get what you pay for.”

In most areas of business and life, this is true. Not necessarily, however, in the web hosting industry. Often, you pay too much, and you do not get what you pay for.

Many weeks ago, I received a call from a web designer friend.

“John,” he said, “you won’t believe it.”

He told me about the plastic surgeon who was redesigning a website. This client was paying 600USD per month for his web hosting account.

“The incredible thing about them is, I can’t return my phone calls or emails to the current host.”

After looking at this client’s needs, I was surprised to find out that there was nothing special about his website that justified his being on anything other than his basic shared web hosting plan. We referred to it as a monthly rate of fewer than five dollars.

In this case, the client was abused by an unauthorized host who was charging a higher price and not providing the basic support he needed.

This is a great example, no doubt, but it often features a bad deal in which most website owners get stuck.

Many years ago, there is no such thing as a web hosting industry. The local ISP hosted almost all websites. The average monthly cost to host a website was 20.00 per month. Often, if you call the ISP with a technical question, they will ask you to buy a book or take a class.

Around 1996, we saw the emergence of some “web hosting” companies. These are the companies that are working hard to host the websites. Using economies of scale, they offered incredibly useful web hosting packages for around ، 10,000 per month. Also, some of these companies provided useful support to Tech, which was designed to meet website owners’ needs.

Fast forward to 2005 and now see the emergence of a new type of web host – a cheap web hosting provider. These are the companies that offer hosting for less than $ 5.00 per month.

In general, new companies are offering cheap web hosting. There is a reason for this. It is extremely difficult for large companies to lower their prices when they already have a large customer who pays the prices. They will be reducing their total share, and most companies can’t afford it.

So, how do cheap web hosting providers offer such a low price?

Part of the reason is that servers, hard drive space, and bandwidth are much more expensive than many years ago. Cheap web hosting providers take advantage of this.

The second part is that cheap hosting providers use different business models than older providers. Web hosting is a very competitive business. So far, most web hosts have tried to compete by providing tools and features. The problem with this model is that not everyone needs everything. Most web hosts provide free backup services to all their clients. Backups are expensive, and everyone needs them or not, but everyone pays for them because they are made at the cost of the package.

A cheap web hosting provider, on the other hand, can give you the basic features that everyone uses, but also offers weekly backups as an add-on available in the feature, Costs only those customers who want the service.

I know, it all sounds great, but what about the service? Will I get competent and fast customer support from a company that charges me 4.00?

Surprisingly, the answer is usually yes.

Not all cheap web hosting providers offer you great service. But not all expensive web hosting providers offer good service. Our plastic surgeon friend couldn’t find a host for ای 600.00 to return his emails.

But, with a cheap supplier, the key to supplier success is customer retention. A savvy web host will try to please their existing clients by providing the best possible support.

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