Cheap hosting comes with hidden prices

The obvious drawback of affordable hosting is that it’s cheap!

But the hidden costs of cheap web hosting that are rarely discussed can dry up your pocket.

You need to understand the differences between cheap hosting and budget hosting, even though they both fall into the category of technically cheap web hosting.

Classic budget hosting is from 5$ – 9$ and is usually quite reliable, while cheap hosting comes in the range of 2.75$ – 3.50$

The following list highlights some of the common issues associated with cheap web hosting.

  1. Increase in time
  2. Poor server response
  3. Very attractive to spammers
  4. Search engine bans
  5. Lack of customer support
  6. Fly byte night risk
  7. Exposure to infections (viruses, trojans, etc.)

Let me give you a little more detail about the little hidden costs under discussion that almost always involve cheap hosting.

Increase in time

One of the common hassles associated with cheap hosting is the increasing frequency of website downtime. You will face more downtime. In other words, mostly, your website is not available.

This is often the case with cheap web hosting services, as there are usually many websites that share the same server. Your site will not be able to estimate the amount of business and traffic you lose (in other words, not available).

Poor server response

Cheap hosting is another common problem (as mentioned in 1 above) because of the large number of websites loaded on the same server.

The result of overloading a particular server with too many websites greatly increases the server’s response time. This also happens when multiple browser requests are performed simultaneously for a large number of sites hosted on the same server!

The result is that if someone tries to link to your website, they will experience the tendency to hang browsers (a browser that always tries to link to a legitimate site). Once again, you don’t need to be aware that most people will give up trying to access your site instead of always waiting!

Cheap hosting acts like Spammer Magnet!

Cheap hosting is the most important reason for spammers that it is cheap, web spammers make their money by ordering an empire of thousands of sites, each of which earns some money, and even though that money itself becomes quite important!

To increase their profit margins, spammers need to keep their costs as low as possible, which of course, includes cheap web hosting!

Sharing hosting with spammer sites and yourself does not need to endanger your website, but if your affordable hosting service hosts thousands of these spammer sites, your website will be found as soon as possible.

The. Convicted/banned by search engines (bad neighborhood trend)

Well, have a look at the situation where your website is shared with thousands of spammer sites on the same server. There is a good chance that whenever your website is penalized (or even banned) by Google, you will find spammer sites that will allow you to participate in cheap hosting. She has been involved in search engine corruption.

You see, when your site hosts other sites (shared hosting) on ​​the same site, you share the same root IP address as other similar sites, and when a search engine uses a specific IP address, If you are tired of spam, you don’t care. The entire IP address is restricted to specify which specific domain is the culprit. Ouch!

Throwing your website out of search engines can be a painful experience, especially if it is ranking keywords for which you spent time and money.

This is not a hypothetical situation anyway, and in fact, it happened to me, not to mention the thousands of other people who have had the same experience.

Lack of customer support

Affordable hosting services are a way to keep your prices down from scratch by cutting corners on essential services like customer support.

If your site is likely to stand on a cheap web hosting server and you get stuck in a situation that needs attention, here is a list of many practical options you can pursue.

a) Cross your fingers and rotate the Jojo to eliminate the hassle (just kidding)

B) Contact customer support and pray for the best, but expect the worst. Worst of all, you have to wait a long time before you get an answer, if not at all!

c) Be ready to pay a hefty fee to get any help; That hefty fee is usually in the region of – 20- 35! Management has rightly presented statistics that if your cheap hosting site performs well and someone is having trouble, you may be very willing to fix 35 fees, which is your monthly hosted site.

Fly byte night risk

If you’ve been online for a long time, I’m sure you’ll know how to lubricate online. So it should not surprise that there is no shortage of companies running one day and the next.

In business, such companies are called fly-by-night for obvious reasons, and the field of cheap hosting is no stranger to this trend. Very cheap hosting services fall into the category of fly by night at night not because they necessarily stop you from going, but because they eventually realize that their profit margin is a viable business model. There is no make for.

What this means for you is that one morning you will wake up to find that your hosting service has easily run out of steam! Needless to say, how painful it can be if your site starts to perform better!

Once again, it boils down to sharing the same server as countless other websites hosted by a hosting service that cannot afford modern defense software! If any of the thousands of websites on this server become infected, it can spread to everyone else, including you, such as unchecked influenza epidemics!

What if you benefited from affordable hosting?

Well, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first and foremost. There is absolutely no reason you can’t get a good quality cheap hosting plan as long as you do your diligence (research). It is a fact that competition in any business lowers prices, and web hosting is no different.

It is an essential requirement for any web hosting business today that wants to be competitive and continue to offer affordable hosting services! Why? Because there is enough competition to do so otherwise!

Cheap hosting. And then there is affordable hosting!

If you are choosing cheap hosting, then obviously, you should get your services from a well established and reputable web hosting company that is less known than some solid hosting company having a proven track record. I mean common, does it make sense to consider a ہو 2.75 cheap hosting plan from an unknown web host instead of choosing a slightly more expensive 4.95 option from a reputable company that you know is something Will it is left in time? Months?

Because of their sheer size, an established web hosting company will be able to provide state-of-the-art services like defense software even for a budget hosting project, something that a modern web host would certainly not do. When choosing an affordable hosting plan, one final consideration is when your web host provides you with a means to upgrade your plan if the need ever arises seamlessly.

This is bound to happen when your website’s traffic volume (bandwidth usage) exceeds the capacity allocated to it in your current project. Ideally, you want to upgrade from a shared server to a dedicated server with as little time as possible and as quickly and without hassle as possible.

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