All You Should Need To Know About Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting

Dedicated server hosting is the time when you have to use the same server exclusively, and you do not have to share the dedicated server with anyone else. This makes you a controlling person, and you can choose to rank your server according to your needs and your domain’s needs. Although dedicated servers are expensive, you get several features and options that are worth paying for. If your site gets many visitors in a very short time, a dedicated server is a right choice for you.

The way it works

Do you know the fact that personal computers used to be large before they came on the market? Dedicated servers are quite large and have a physical presence. Like any other PC, dedicated servers have RAM, microprocessors, hard drives, etc. When a computer is designed to manage large amounts of data, you can call it a server. Same time, if you are using a computer that works exclusively for your website.

Dedicated servers can be divided into two main parts, which are described below

  1. Unmanaged: Unmanaged dedicated web server means you are the one controlling the server. Therefore, you are responsible for maintaining the server.
  2. Organized: In contrast, you can hire another company to maintain the server and ensure that it runs smoothly. This procedure is called the managed server. The only thing you’ll be responsible for is sending information to the company. In general, a dedicated server can offer features such as a 24×7 helpdesk, 24×7 monitoring, operating system updating, virus and malware scanning, filtering spams, kernels, and updating DLL files.
Advantages of choosing dedicated server hosting

Performance: Dedicated servers can handle a large amount of information at any one time. Therefore, you can rely on the server for its performance, and it will not show any glitches even when heavy traffic is observed on your website.

Reliable: It can be said that most people invest in dedicated server hosting because of its reliability. Since you are the server’s chief, you can control the minimum downtime, changes, and upgrades. You can even predict the cost of repairs plan and maintenance so that they don’t burn any holes in your pockets.

Control: It doesn’t matter what type of server you choose. Whether you manage it or not, the control is in your hands. You can control and modify the software to suit your needs and improve the service based on your terms.

Secure: Since you are an individual in control of dedicated servers and can customize your needs, this is the most secure server.

Cloud Hosting vs. Dedicated Server Hosting

Since the introduction of cloud web hosting, many people have moved into it. Cloud hosting saves a lot of space because the data is stored in the cloud. To be specific, you can store your data and information in the storage space available online. You can access information from any device and anywhere by signing up for your account. Different domains store their data in the cloud, known as cloud hosting. Some of the cons and pros of cloud hosting are mentioned below.


Typically, the cloud consists of multiple servers. So, if one server stops working, other servers will be ready for it.

Because the cloud has multiple servers, storage expansion is easy, and you can increase the capacity as needed.

Cloud hosting costs less than hosting dedicated servers in India.


A few years ago, some celebrities’ private photos became public due to a weakness in the cloud hosting company. So, of course, cloud hosting is not yet reliable in terms of security.

Virtual Private Server vs. Dedicated Server Hosting

Although a virtual private server is similar to dedicated server hosting, it only works on a limited scale. Many people compare it to a condominium where you only enjoy a small portion of the big feature. Similarly, in a virtual private server, you can make some changes within your limits. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of VPS:

  • VPS is cheaper than the dedicated server hosting
  • Theoretically, you can completely customize the VPS to suit your needs.
  • There are managed, semi-organized, and unmanaged VPS packages.
  • Being a private server, VPS offers good security.

The most common problem you face when using a VPS is an improper distribution of resources. This means that despite the availability of the option to use the server to the fullest, you cannot do so. VPS problems occur as soon as you try to use the server to its full potential.

Now, if you have a plan that you are going to invest in dedicated server hosting, Few point that should keep in mind that will help you in this process:

Change: When signing the contract, be sure to check the clause that ensures that the server will be replaced in case of any partial failure.

Hardware Quality: Since servers are physically present, it is equally important to invest in quality standard hardware for better service.

Uptime: Ensure supplier completion records and accept contracts only if uptime is within 99 of.

Helpdesk: The provider should always offer help whenever you have a problem. Your server may be disorganized, but you are entitled to support. So, see the details to know about the provider’s support system.

Costs: The most important step you should take is to know the cost of installing dedicated server hosting. Make sure you know what features you’re enjoying under the price tag.

You can now invest in dedicated hosting because you know the details you should consider before you start.

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