12 Reasons to Use Magento for eCommerce Website

Magento is not your only option, but it is one of the most popular CMSes for e-commerce websites for several reasons.

  1. Magento is free
    Some things in life are free, and Magento’s freedom is less than anything else. But Magento Core is freely available for anyone to use. You may incur some costs for the extensions you add or for some developers, thus helping you to use Magento. Get services. But the platform itself will not cost you anything.
  2. It is open source
    Magento is open-source software that means anyone with the ability to create a new module or extension can do so. Magento has a community of over 300,000 developers. They have a dynamic forum with thousands of contributors, all working to make Magento tailored to business owners’ needs.

    One good thing about using open source solutions is that you can improve quality and functionality over time. It can be trusted because people work to make it better for the benefit of all consumers.
  3. Magento’s advanced security is ideal for e-commerce
    Website security is important to all website owners. Still, when you run an online store that regularly collects sensitive financial and personal information from customers, security works to an additional level of need.

    In the e-commerce community, Magento is widely considered a strong choice for security. And while basic software provides security against hackers, you can make your Magento website more secure with anything available in the hundreds of security extensions.

    Besides, Magento lets you control how you allow each individual to update their website. Security permission may help you limit the risk of an angry employee making malicious updates to your website or something breaks down on the site by mistake.
  1. Magento supports large eCommerce product catalogs and order volumes
    It’s amazing how much a free product can work, especially if you have big goals and expect to see key traffic numbers or list more products. Magento can handle a lot. You can add more than 500,000 products to your store on a Magento website. And the platform can handle more than 80,000 orders per hour (unless your web hosting plan is up and running).
  2. Flexible Magento combinations make it easy to customize your online store
    Magento is highly customizable, especially when it comes to changes, using a large library of extensions. You have a lot of power to customize the backend of your website and the website to your visitors. Make yourself intuitive. And Magento has many different features that you can add if you wish, such as using categories to group your different products better, allowing different payment options, and using the platform. Allows you to manage orders.
  3. Magento shopping cart functionality is responsible
    Now that more than half of the web usage is on mobile devices, all online stores must make their websites mobile-friendly. Magento has responsive shopping cart functionality, which works on desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.

    The last important thing you want is for half of your visitors to bounce because they find it difficult to use your website on their particular device. Or worse, it boils down to pre-sales because the checkout process is a hassle on the small screen. Magento will help you avoid this fate.
  1. Magento has a powerful product search that helps customers quickly find what they need
    If your e-commerce site finds it more difficult than its price, users don’t care about your e-commerce site anymore. Your website has to provide an intuitive and enjoyable experience from the moment they first land on the site until they complete their purchase.

    Magento helps you understand that by allowing users to organize their products in a user-friendly way, visitors can filter and browse results based on their specific preferences.
  1. Built-in features are built to increase your conversion rate
    Magento also has several options that you can use to increase conversions and additions. You can offer discounts and free shipping to encourage sales. You can also add user promo codes to checkout areas.
  2. Magento follows SEO best practices
    The development team behind Magento knew the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) for a website and built a platform that made it easy to find your pages.
  3. Magento enables personalization
    Personalization is an e-commerce tactic that generates steam and shows significant results. Magento’s core platform offers some personalized options, but you can go even further with tailoring with the way you offer additional features as you link to your website.

    With MagentoCore, users can create unique accounts so that you can track their behavior and show them ads and products based on past purchases or views. You can automate the process of making specific recommendations for each visitor. With extensions, you can create automated recommendations and reminder emails based on past behavior and provide specific ads on other sites to help past visitors return to your site.
  1. Magento works with third-party applications
    Magento helps to power many useful features and functionality on your website, but what happens on your website is just a part of running an online store. To attract customers to your website, you also need to market your store in different channels around the web. Not to mention that you have to work hard to keep your business afloat.

    Magento is compatible with third-party applications, including Google Analytics, Google Analytics, accounting software products, email marketing software, and payment processing apps with very easy integration with the various apps you need to run your business simplifies the additional business tasks you need to take care of easily.
  1. There are a lot of Magento tutorials online
    Nothing is perfect, and one aspect of using Magento is that it depends on learning. If you’re not a professional developer or don’t have the budget to hire you, learning how to use Magento can take some time and work. But you can find a lot of useful information to help you get started online.

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