Unique-Star Prepares Going to Stock Market in Pakistan

psx-logo-zafar-securities-private-limitedOn August 11, 2016, CEO and founder Akram (  and partners ) announced that the company is going into the stock exchange in Pakistan Securities & Exchange Commission (SECP).

Mr. Akram also added that the hosting company would be selling some of it company’s shares to the public.

He explained that this recent development would act as an opportunity for most of it customers to be part and owners of the organization.

According to him, this will bring up trust and development to the web hosting company.

“I will certainly remain the chief executive officer of this great company for many years to come, but I would want others to benefit too,” said Mr. Akram.

Mr. Akram believes that as the enterprise is growing rapidly, users in Pakistan should also benefit from its growth through the form of stock appreciation, dividend, decision making and special discounts that the company will be offering to clients.

He also added that as time goes, and as the organization expands its horizon, that other branches in the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirate, Egypt and Indonesia will also benefit from this development as well


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