Hurray! Unique-Star is Nine Years Old

UniqueStar was initially founded in August 2007 by Mr. Akram who is the principal shareholder. After four years, the company was registered in Pakistan in 2012, with a server, hosting more than 100,000 registered domains as at 2016. There have been a lot of challenges, but due to our vision of rendering the best hosting

Unique-Star Prepares Going to Stock Market in Pakistan

On August 11, 2016, CEO and founder Akram (  and partners ) announced that the company is going into the stock exchange in Pakistan Securities & Exchange Commission (SECP). Mr. Akram also added that the hosting company would be selling some of it company’s shares to the public. He explained that this recent development would act

UniqueStar Web Hosting, records more than 50,000 registered accounts

There is no successful business without loyal customers and that is why we want to thank all our esteemed customers who have been with us all through the years. Our number one priority has been and always will be to offer a fast and awesome hosting service that will make users happy to surf the

UniqueStarhost Launches WordPress Partnership Program

UniqueStar is glad to announce the launching of an innovative program that is designed to support WordPress Plugin Designers.  This announcement was made to promote the discovery and the use of WordPress plugins. The Uniquehost Partnership Program is exclusive, as it offers exclusive support, and provides developers significantly improved exposure through direct referrals. This new

UniqueStar Has Upgraded All Servers With High Ram, More Processor And Speed

We are extremely glad and pleased to let all our clients know that there’s a new upgrade to our server. We have upgraded our entire server and it is relatively fast now! We are now using high Gig rams, more processors to boost our hosting speed. In the past few years, we have managed to

Unique Star Management Team

We Have a New Branch in the United Kingdom As part of our aim to extend our quality service around the world, all of us at Unique-Star are thrilled to announce the opening of our new branch in the United Kingdom. In addition to our locations in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, we’ve currently opened a

UniqueStar Has Added a Strong Firewall Server That Blocks Hacker I.P

Yes, as you might have known, we are always dynamic in using the modern best practices of a great hosting company to give you high-quality services. With this in mind, Uniquestar host takes the notion of customer service seriously. In an effort to increase out quality service and customer protection, we are adding a redundancy

We are Encountering Threats from Hackers

We would like to inform our highly esteem clients that we are currently facing several hacking attempts on our server. These hackers are from an anonymous group yet to be identified who are trying to compromise our database. We’d also want to use this medium to plead to our esteem customers not to panic as

UniqueStar is set to start full operations this year

The journey has been very tough but our top priority has been to deliver outstanding web hosting services. We had a lot of obstacles that would have limited us but for the love and patronage of our esteemed customers and wonderful staffs, we conquered all of those obstacles. We are truly committed to making all